WinTrader Tutorials

These video tutorials will demonstrate how to utilize some of the features of your trading application.

You can access this window at any time by going to Window > Tutorials.

Account Information Bar 4mb - 1:36mins
Creating Conditional Orders 3mb - 2:22mins
Tabbed Windows 4mb - 2:47mins

Using the Charts

Chart Toolbar Overview 5mb - 2:38mins
Manipulating the Chart View 4mb - 4:04mins

Trading from Charts:

Opening and Closing Positions 3mb - 2:18mins
Entry Orders 2mb - 2:42mins
Stops and Limits on Open Positions 2mb - 3:01mins
Chart Sidebar 5mb - 1:47mins
Managing Multiple Positions and Orders in the Chart Window 1mb - 2:17mins